“Forbidden” beer with rovas script

The beer name has apparently changed, however the original one can be read with Székely-Hungarian Rovas script…

Super Bowl 50 with Rovas

Rovás Design has an idea how to use the Szekely-Hungarian numeral of 50 as US-related event symbol.

“Rovás” squad in action

Enthusiastic students formed “Rovás” squad in Csíkdánfalva, Erdély to promote the ancient Székely-Hungarian “Rovás” script.

Mongolia – Ancient scripts and signs

Mongolia – Ancient scripts and pictograms hes been revealed at the mysterious hill of Rashaan Khad. Hungarian connections are supposed. Video.

Belgian deputies and the Rovas sign

New Rovas city limit sign in Beremend. Another example that even foreigners just have acquainted with the Szekely-Hungarian Rovas culture do highly appreciate it.

Rovás like font

The Fullmoon (Telihold) font looks like Rovás, however the letters are just merely decorated latin alphabet.

Hungary bans its own writing system?

Press release of the Rovas Foundation: The Central Office of Electronic Public Services attempts to ban the usage of the Szekely-Hungarian Rovas. (MTI)

Deciphering Rovash inscriptions

Scientific article demonstrates how the mathematical methods support deciphering Hungarian Rovas inscriptions. Less speculation – more science.

Contemporary standard Rovas alphabet

The standard Szekely-Hungarian Rovas alphabet is a professional compilation based on both the rich traditions and the comprehensive needs of the contemporary

Sonja Kobrehel – rovas signature

Sonja Kobrehel uses Szekely-Hungarian Rovas in her artwork as intellectual heritage from her grand-grandfather. The strength of the

Heritage of Scribes updated

New version of the Heritage of Scribes – the first ever English book about the Rovas script family – has

Mathematics in Script Research

At the Budapest University of Technology the research work on script relics involves mathematic methods. Dr. Gábor Hosszú co-authored ‘Data Mining and

Rovas signature in documents

The preservation of the Szekely-Hungarian Rovas culture finds its modern ways, like using Rovas signatures in official documents.

Sumer-Hungarian Dictionary

With the cooperation of the Rovás Foundation the online version of the Sumerian-Akkadian-Hungarian dictionary has been released.

Rovas on CNN Travel

The Szekely-Hungarian Rovas is part of an article about Hungary on CNN Travel. More coming…

Martin and the Rovás signs

When bikers saw the Rovas city limit signs, they got

Hunt for Rovas blurrings

The indignation is getting stormy about the suspicious blurring of the Rovas city limit signs in Google Street View. There is

Google Earth blurs out Rovas

Another article about the suspicious practice in the Google Street View. A great part of the Rovas city limit signs are blurred