Super Bowl 50 with Rovas

Rovás Design has an idea how to use the Szekely-Hungarian numeral of 50 as US-related event symbol.

Super Bowl 50 with Rovas

Tonight is Super Bowl night, which is one of the most watched TV-programme and sports event of the USA (with 110 million viewers) and the world as well. And for a 30 minute commercial you have to pay 5 million $ – plus costs, so it is one of the most significant marketing/design event too.

Super Bowl 50 logo with Rovás

So Super Bowl is an event big enough to have an RD (Rovás Design)-made Rovás-logó, but there is more. It is the 50th occasion, so a very special one. And there’s more… The first fortynine events and logos were called and wrote with Roman numerals (I, II, … XLIX). Please not, that I, II, V, X, XX and XXX are same with Rovás numerals, so these logos are already done:). But this year they decided to change the rule for this very occasion and call the event not Super Bowl L but Super Bowl 50 with Arabic numerals, for marketing and design reasons, because it is easier to draw a logo, etc. This was the very moment when we thought that okay, there are Roman numerals changed to Arabic numerals, so we have to change it to Rovás numerals.

The shape of Rovás 50, the shape of the logo and the place where the Lombardi Trophy is placed, are so great, that we couldn’t resist to create the logo where the trophy is part of the numeral – some will think it is terrific idea, some will think it is terrible idea, we love it.–+: Green Bay Packers Rovás logo

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