Mongolia – Ancient scripts and signs


Mongolia – Ancient scripts and pictograms hes been revealed at the mysterious hill of Rashaan Khad. Hungarian connections are supposed. Video.

Eurasian scripts

As the latest scientific researches revealing more and more facts about the interactions between the ancient Eurasian scripts, the Szekely-Hungarian Rovas – through the Rovas script family – is considered the Western-most member of these scripts. The unscientific and politically determined Runisation of the Rovas is over.

Scripts of the Rashaan Rock

Rashaan Khad is a huge rock with 20 different types of (barely discernible) script carved upon it, is a Sanctuary proof of the Mongolian history. The rock contains numerous types of ancient rock inscriptions and drawings depicting animals, people and ancient Mongolian tribes’ seals. This rock is located near the east of Binder Ovoo, one of Mongolia’s largest and most sacred religious places.

The rock inscriptions are in around 20 different scripts such as Orkhon, Kidan, Arabic, Persian, Mongolian and Tibetan and Szekely-Hungarian Rovas. An ancient tomb dating from BC 20000 lies near this rock and many monuments of Paleolithic Neolithic Huns and others are also found here. The rock has been protected by the Mongolian government since 1998.


  • H. Perlee, member of Mongolian Academy of Science
  • Borbála Obrusánszky, member of the Scholarly Public Body of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

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