Belgian deputies and the Rovas sign

New Rovas city limit sign in Beremend. Another example that even foreigners just have acquainted with the Szekely-Hungarian Rovas culture do highly appreciate it.

Belgian members of parliament in Beremend

Deputies of the Flemish nationalist party Vlaams Belang participated in a fact finding mission organized by the ITE Foundation, in order to investigate the “migration crisis” in Hungary. Members, Ms. Anke Vandermeersch from the Belgian Senate and the Flemish Parliament, Mr. Filip Dewinter and Mr. Jan Penris from the Federal Parliament of Belgium,   Mr. Frank Creyelman from the Flemish Parliament and Mr. Tim Willeckens visited the border towns of Ásotthalom and Beremend, met the mayors László Torockai (Jobbik) and Ferenc Theisz (Fidesz-KDNP), local authorities and citizens.

The members of the fact finding mission expressed their worries about the escalation of the migration during their visit along the southern border of Hungary. In the town of Beremend (located in Baranya County – 2500 inhabitants) the delegation visited the border crossing point, migration facilities and met the chief of the local border patrol authorities as well. During the meeting with mayor Ferenc Theisz, the deputies received detailed report of the situation of the months of the mass emigration crisis in the town.

The delegation was guided by László Sípos, director of ITE and welcomed by the Baranya County leaders of the pollitical party Jobbik. During a short workshop, the politicians discussed the strategical location of the county, the importance of the border protection and the cooperation of the neighboring communities.

beremend k3

Norbert Szőcs, chair of the county division of Jobbik, the Belgian delagation and the Rovas Foundation donated Ferenc Theisz new Szekely-Hungarian city limit signs of Beremend, with signs of Hungary, and Baranya County. The Rovas signs will symbolize the importance of the traditions and identity based on which the local people could deal with the difficulties caused by the uncontrolled mass immigration and the cultural clashes.


Senator Mrs. Anke Vandermeersch and mayor Ferenc Theisz Ferenc with the “Hungary” Rovas sign

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