Rovás like font

The Fullmoon (Telihold) font looks like Rovás, however the letters are just merely decorated latin alphabet.

Fullmoon font

“Telihold” (Fullmoon) is an experimental design, a runic-latin hybrid font with some educational purpose. Since Szekely-Hungarian runes (rovás) has no difference in lowercase and capital versions, I used the lowercase glyphs for the latin look “cheat”, and capitals for the original runes and their places. I was trying to keep all the cheat glyphs as original as possible, and choose the closest matches to each glyph. I made only minor changes in forms, most of them has just been reflected horizontally/vertically. For the original rovas, I used the version of Adorján Magyar.


It’s about culture, tradition, heritage. Recommend for download only for those who are interested in and respect the ancient world and history. It’s a national design.


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