Hungary bans its own writing system?

Press release of the Rovas Foundation: The Central Office of Electronic Public Services attempts to ban the usage of the Szekely-Hungarian Rovas. (MTI)

Important press release

Dear Rovás Infó Readers, Rovás-users!

Unfortunately, in Hungary we experience day by day more arrogance of the actual regime against the value-creating communities, that suffer from more and more bully and aggrievement from the government offices. It is important to raise our voice against all of this, as any attempt of supression is the first step towards the tyranny.

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Hungary bans its own national script? 

Budapest, 17. November, Monday (OS)

One of the most important part of the Hungarian cultural heritage is the Szekely-Hungarian Rovás script that not only survived the centuries-long persecution but due to its continuous usage, developed together with the Hungarian language, and today enjoys its renaissance. However, the Rovas is left out from the protected national symbols, is not mentioned nor in the Constitution, nor in the Hungarikum law, and can not be even found in the National Educational Concept (NAT).

Although in Korea, Bulgaria there is national day dedicated to their national scripts, in Hungary the Central Office of the Electronic Public Services attempts to ban the official use the Szekely-Hungarian Rovas.

The case even fall under suspicion of aggrievement as regarding to the signature of official documents, the relevant law (1992. LXVI. 5. § (13)) – not containing any restriction of the national script usage – is overwritten by “internal memo” of a department chief.

The Rovas Foundation condemns the negative discrimination of the Rovas-user community and ask for legitimacy control of the case.

Releaser: Rovás Foundation

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