Rovas signature in documents

The preservation of the Szekely-Hungarian Rovas culture finds its modern ways, like using Rovas signatures in official documents.

Rovas signatures in Hungarian documents

A stock-keeper from Esztergom has become the second man to write his signature using the old Hungarian Rovas  (mistakenly called Runic) alphabet on his Hungarian ID card.

István Holop recently received permission from his local records office to the Rovas alphabet for this purpose.

“At first they were surprised and had no idea why I wanted to do this,” said Holop, “but they figured, given that signatures are often illegible anyway, it would not be a problem.”

Holop added that he received positive feedback from his friends and work colleagues. He offered the following advice to anyone seeking to emulate him: “Be brave, and don’t feel ashamed about expressing your Hungarian identity.”

According to the Rovas.Info website, a major news source on Hungarian Rovas culture, Holop is the second person on record as having had his ID card done in this way.

In December 2013, Antal Horváth managed after half an hour’s resistance from the authorities in the District 10 government office to get permission to write his ID card signature in Rovas Hungarian.

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