Martin and the Rovás signs


When bikers saw the Rovas city limit signs, they got a little bit of a cultural homework. It’s worth it.

Rovas – something interesting

It is needless to say that cultural heritage is appreciated by civilized people. However, in Hungary quite a few cases – mostly pseudo-leftist and liberals – are trying to argue against the Szekely-Hungarian Rovas city limit signs saying they are unnecessary, obsolate and confusing for foreigners…

Well, it seems that in contrary, foreigners are having fun to find out what these signs are…

Rob and the Rovas

Rob and I were fascinated by these signs. A bit of research just now has finally established that this is one alphabet used a long time ago for writing Hungarian, and its characters, written right-to-left, here spell out the name of the town Pilismarót.


(Source: Martin)


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