Google – Rovas censorship?


Strange practice in the Google Street View. A great part of the Rovas city limit signs are simply blurred out. And there are more anti-Rovas issues. (Photos and links)

Technical problem or Rovas censorship?

It seems that Google knows the Szekely-Hungarian Rovas script, otherwise it would not be possible to systematically blur out a great number of Rovas city limit signs in its Street View application. For the time being, the reason of this practice is unknown, whithin the Rovas user community there are only shots in the dark from technology malfunction, through legal and privacy issues, to political conspiracy or cultural etnic cleansing theories. The only sure thing is that the Rovas city limit signs are significally more frequently subject of blurring in Street View than anything else, despite the “cutting-edge face and license plate blurring technology” Google claims to use.

The fact is, that on the Street View images few traffic signs are blurred as well. However, the Rovas city limit signs are not official traffic sings, they belong to the so called “others cathegory” that are applied for the information and commercial road signs at the Hungarian Public Road Company. On the Street View images however, the commercial and information road signs are almost never blurred out. Only the Szekely-Hungarian Rovas city limit signs…

Anyway, we hope to have an official explanation about the issue from Google.

Rovas city limit sings blurred on Street View images

Here are some typical examples of the Rovas-censorship in Google Street View but there are plenty of such cases. We protest and so should everyone against this cultural censorship and ask our readers to find and publish (home page, blog, social media) as many example as possible.


Hegyháthodász – on the same pole: the Latin-script is OK, the Rovas not… (link)


Road 442. at Szolnok – Nothing is blurred along the road but the Rovas (link)


Main road 4. at Monorierdő – Rovas sign is blurred, the Latin script is not (link)


Kaposmérő – Street View blurres only the Rovas signs (link)


Hantos – Few times, traffic signs as well are blurred, but here only the Rovas sign (link)


Road 442 at Rákóczifalva – Rovas sign censored (link)


Harkány – Rovas sing blurred, the greeting with Latin script is not (link)


Kétpó – there is Rovas sign not blurred out … yet?

Even the word “Rovas” is censored

Note, that the Street View case is not the first suspicious issue about the Rovas script in which censorship is involved. Highlights about the discriminative technical standardization of Rovas and other content related Rovas censorship are coming soon.

Certainly, the Rovas user community protests and raises its voice against the cultural discrimination and censorship, even if it is “just technical malfunction”.

(Rovás Infó)

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