New Testament in Rovas

The first ever New Testament in Szekely-Hungarian Rovas, the national writing system of the Hungarians was presented to Pope Benedict XVI.

A special edition of the Rovas Bible has been presented to the Pope

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A unique ?Rovas? copy of the New Testament has been donated to Pope Benedict the 16th on Wednesday by the ?Rovas? Foundation’s visiting delegation to the Vatican said the president of the foundation László Sípos.

According to Sípos, members of the delegation took part in the Pope Wednesday’s general audience accompanied by Hungarian Ambassador to the Vatican Gábor Győriványi. During the audience, a special edition of the ?Rovas? Bible that was published by the Kner Publishing House as a single copy has been handed over to his Holiness Pope Benedict the 16th.


The Holy Father expressed interest in the gift and asked questions about the special edition; in his reply László Sípos explained that the ?Rovas? script, also known as the ancient Hungarian writing system still exists today and its appreciation in Hungarian society is growing.

The delegation informed the Pope that the goal of the ?Rovas? foundation is to support modern research and promote the ?Rovas? script’s daily use in which education, standardization, technical development and publishing play an important role.

Speaking to the Vatican Radio, Sípos remarked that the ?Rovas? edition of the New Testament “is an important national and cultural achievement” in the process of the ?Rovas? print development.

The New Testament’s Székely-Hungarian script edition is based on the ?Neovulgáta? version of Káldi’s translation. The volume is the joint release of the ?Rovas? Foundation and the St. Jerome Catholic Bible Society; it was published on Christmas Day 2011.

(Hungarian Ambience – original article)


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